Top things to do inBentota, Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka


Bentota is a resort town on Sri Lanka’s southwest coast. Its long beach stretches north, where it becomes a sandy strip known as Paradise Island, parallel to Bentota Lagoon. Coral-rich dive sites include Canoe Rock. On Bentota River, centuries-old Galapota Temple has a large Buddha statue. Southeast is Lunuganga, the estate, and gardens of architect Geoffrey Bawa. Northeast is his brother Bevis's Brief Garden.

Top Things to do inBentota

Bentota Beach

Bentota is famous for its exquisite and long beaches, the lands of Bentota are filled with Palm trees and greenery that will leave you awed. The beautiful beaches starting from Bentota in the West extends to Tangalle in the South and are home to some of the most luxurious hotels in Sri Lanka. Bentota is located at around 65 kms from the capital of Colombo. You can reach the place through the A2 road or the by taking the highway route. Although the highway to Bentota would be quicker, you should definitely take the scenic A2 route along the beaches. Various water sporting venues are available at the beaches include - snorkeling, diving, water skiing, wind surfing etc. Stay at least one night to your itinerary to enjoy the best beaches of Sri Lanka.

Beruwala Light House

The Barberyn Lighthouse located in the Barberyn Island is one of the oldest standing structures in Sri Lanka. The quiet and peaceful island is a home to more than the lighthouse. The fully grown palm trees and the locked lighthouse with a caretaker in the island will give you the feeling of a horror movie set. The place is nice to chill and hang around, spend your evening for some relaxed breath of air. Put it in your itinerary now.

Brief Garden, by Bevis Bawa

Brief Garden is the former home and garden of Bevis Bawa, who was a Sri Lankan landscaper, also was the elder brother of the famous Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. Bevis Bawa had also served in the British and Ceylonese armies and became a landscaper while he maintained his family estate called Brief. The current Brief garden and bungalow is the former home of Bevis Bawa. It is located at around 10 kms from Bentota. The place is a true park with greenery that fills the eye with freshness. It is also home to monkeys and birds. Sculptures and ponds consistently throughout the park is a scenery you shouldn't miss.

Bentota Water Sports

If it is anything that you shouldn't miss during your visit to Bentota. It would be water sports. Bentota is a renowned place for water sporting in Sri Lanka with speed boats, jet ski, wind surfing, boogie boarding, water skiing, kite surfing or a leisurely ride on a banana boat with your family. It's a heaven for adventure lovers and prices are comparatively cheaper.